May 2022 Newsletter

May 2022 Newsletter

May 5, 2022
junior karting academy

Following the success we had back in February, the JKA is back. Created for young racers, the JKA allows 7 to 12 yr old's to get out on the Game Over track, learn basic racing principles, build confidence and become better racers. Like before, we will be offering a night for our 7-10yr old's and a night for our 11-12yr old's. For $69 each child will go for a guided walk of our track and race 3 times with the Game Over team on hand to provide one to one support and feedback.

Click HERE for more details and to book.

karting winter league

Friday's just got a lot more exciting! The Karting League is back, and this time around we are looking for racing teams of 2! Each week you will take to the track 3 times - A 10 lap warm up race, a 14 lap qualifier and then the 14 lap main event. Winning team will be the team with the most points at the end of week 4's final event!

Click HERE for more details and to book.

new team member

The Game Over team has found its first 'content creator'! Ruby will be here in Game Over every week capturing all the fun and excitement! Classic moments, such as Edd and Darren pointing at something. A bird? Really tall customer? You'll never know! All we know is that we are really happy to welcome Ruby to our little rag tag team and look forward to seeing more of her awesome pictures!

taycan takeff
Electric Power At Highlands Motorsport Park

 Experience the world’s first all-electric Porsche track experience with the Highlands Taycan Takeoff Experience. 

The G-Forces of the Taycan will take your breath away as you experience the power of future motoring on A & B configuration of the famous Highlands Circuit. Going from 0km to 100km in 2.4 seconds with a professional driver behind the wheel. 

Experience individually or as a group of up to 3.

For more information and to book now, click the link below:

 Taycan Takeoff