Name: Joe

Racer name: Dice Master

Position: Operations Manager

What better way to introduce our new Operations Manager, Joe than by having him answer those burning questions we all want to know the answer to!

Video available on our Instagram and facebook page.

Tell us who you are & what you do at Game Over

So my names Joe, until recently I’ve been the reception supervisor at Game Over but then was due to take over as operations manager pretty much the week that lockdown started, so Im very excited about that even though it’s been a bit of a false start at the moment but looking forward getting back into things when everything opens back up.

Where are you from and how long have you been here in Queenstown?

I’m from a little town called Prudhoe, in Northumberland in the North of England. I moved over to New Zealand in August of 2010 so this month’s it’s been 11 years. It was supposed to be 6 months to do here and Australia but as it does with a lot of people, Queenstown got its claws into me and just couldn’t get out.

What is the best thing about working at Game Over?

So as some of you might know I very much like board games and especially Dungeons & Dragons. With working at Game Over, we have the awesome Game Hub there so we get to order in new games, chat to people about different board games, things they might have played before, things they might be looking at playing. I absolutely love that part of the job! We are pretty much one of the only places you can really get the selection of games that we have in Queenstown so it’s awesome to work with that and chat with like-minded people when they come in.

What is your favourite activity at Game Over?

I guess you can really call the Game Hub an activity in itself so I would have to say Lazer Tag. The karting, the other guys beat me, they are too good. I do like the arcade but Lazer tag is awesome. If you can get 10 friends together in in there it is just a hoot and with all the different game modes there is so much variety as our ALPHA TEAM members have shown you can come in for hundreds of games and still be having a good time.

If you house was on fire and you could only save one thing, what would it be?

It should probably be maybe a photo of my nieces and nephews but I’m afraid it’s going to have to be my extended Lord of the Rings DVD collection. At the end of the day, if you need one thing at least you’ve got 12 hours to watch Lord of the Rings.

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